District Climate and Energy Plan

With Prime Minister, Environmental Minister, and ED of AEPC

Preparation of District Climate and Energy Plan- Kavreplanchowk

@ Bhrikutimandap stall

Rice Husk Gas Stove Promotion

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Collaboration Partner/Experts

  • Mr Bhupendra Das- Environment, Energy and Climate Change Expert, Teesside University, UK
  • Er Russell Mills- Mechanical Engineer, Liverpool University, UK (International Consultant)
  • Ms Yan Gui Hua- GUANGZHOU PANASUN TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED, CHINA (Partner Collaboration)
  • Mr Saurabh Jaiswal- Navadurga Metal Industries, India (Partner Collaboration)
  • Mr Xavier Brandao- Prakti design, Tamil Nadu, India (Partner Collaboration)
  • Prof Dr Rhiddi Bir Singh- Energy Expert, PhD, Japan (Hired Consultant)
  • Prof Dr Rejina Maskey Byanju- Environbemntal and Energy Expert, PhD, Nepal (Hired Consultant)
  • Prof Dr Jagadeesh Bhattarai- Chemical/Energy Expert, PhD, Japan (Hired Consultant)
  • Prof Bijaya Singh- Environment Lawyer (Hired Consulant)
  • Dr Laxmi Raj Pathak- Environmental Health Expert, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dr Premlata Das- Health Expert, BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal
  • Dr Chakra Khadka- Economist, TU, Nepal (Hired Consultant)
  • Er Rajeeb Thapa- Energy Engineering Expert (Hired Consultant)
  • Er Harish C. Dhital- Energy Modelling Expert (Hired Consultant)
  • Mr Bala Ram Mayalu- Institutional Assessment Expert, Nepal (Hired Consultant)
  • Mr Subash C. Ghimire- Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Expert, Nepal (Hired Consultant)
  • Mr Santosh Kumar Yadav- Finance and Auditing Expert, Nepal (Hired Consultant)
  • Mr Divya Raj Acharya- Social Development Expert, Nepal (Part Time Hired Expert)
  • Mr Khimananda Sharma- Environment and Energy, Nepal (Part Time Hired Expert)
  • Mr Santosh Sah- Information Management and Communication (Part Time Hired Expert)
  • ............. Many more