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Consulting Service

We assess environmental pollution, provide technological options and participate in implementation of RETS especially for cooking, lighting, and heating. The main RETs service we deliver include: DC/AC/Solar Fans; Solar items (Solar PV, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar Lantern, Solar Tuki, Solar Camping Lights, Solar Kit, Solar Water Pump; Biomass Stove (Rice Husk Gas Stove, Household Wood Stove, Household Charcoal Stove, and Institutional/Commercial Stoves, etc.); Biogas Stoves; and many more. Furthermore, we provide consulting services as well as carry out research activities and develop plan for both national and local level. We have current projects of climate change and energy which is supported by AEPC/NRREP, World Bank, Local DDCs and many more. We provide consulting services on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and detail aspects of energy and environmental auditing. We provide consulting services on different aspects of waste management programme, market and set up market for recycling products and compost. NEEDS has installed 3 large commercial compost plants at Saptari district, Eastern Region of Nepal. This is the first compost plants installed in the Mid-Terai. This commercial compost plants is very successful in attracting the attention of the local farmers because of the compost quality and price rate. We participate in income generation activities by scientific method of plantation and sustainable bio-fertilizer and bio-fuel agriculture where possible. We provide consulting services to monitor and upgrade the existing water and sanitation condition in different parts of Nepal. We conduct research/study human health risks including biodiversity as a result of various environmental and climate change hazards.