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Company Profile

NEEDS is a private company established in January, 2013 to provide both technology development and entrepreneurship as well as consulting services within the country. All the services and products we deliver are based on enhancing the livelihood as well as income generation, solve health issues that otherwise occur through indoor air pollution and chemical fertilizer,  maintain the state of natural environment and many more. We work in various sectors like Renewable Energy and Technology Development, Climate Change Research, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)/IEE and Environmental Auditing, Energy Auditing, Solid Waste Management- Recycling and Composting, Biofuel, Water and Sanitation, Environmental Health, and Capacity Building Training Courses. 
Current Ongoing project includes:
1. Preparation of District Climate and Energy Plan-  Kavreplanchowk
The overall objective of the project is to prepare a district climate change adaptive, de centralised renewable energy plan that presents a detailed implementation plan which contributes to climate change mitigation as well as adaptation and addresses the mainstreaming of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion.
 2. Study of Forest Carbon Ownership
The main objective of the study is to establish a solid cross-sectoral understanding for defining forest carbon ownership and usufruct rights in Nepal.
3. Promotion of Solar Based Tecchnologies in different parts of Nepal.
4. Promnotion of Rice Husk Gas stove in different parts of Nepal.
5. Production and promotion of compost training
Our successful accomplishment projects includes:
1. Preparation of District Climate and Energy Plan-  Morang
2. Preparation of District Climate and Energy Plan-  Sunsari
3. Preparation of District Climate and Energy Plan-  Udayapur
4. Preparation of District Climate and Energy Plan-  Khotang
5. Preparation of District Climate and Energy Plan-  Solukhumbu